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Rental Property Management Software Overview

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The right rental property management software can help landlords efficiently run their small businesses. As property owners and managers ourselves, we have evaluated some of today’s top software products to uncover their key benefits. We will update this page as we continue to explore the use of technology in the property management industry.

For more information on the benefits of rental property management software for small landlords, read our earlier discussion here.

Note: this list has been updated in May 2020 to include additional rental property management software providers.


ApplyConnect is a no-cost tenant screening solution for landlords and property managers who don’t manage hundreds of properties. Screen tenants, market your vacancies, and lease legally and securely for free. Complete credit and background reports are available for just $28.50 – paid completely by the applicant.

Features and Benefits

  • Tenant Screening: ApplyConnect ONLY does tenant screening, and uses Experian to provide a full credit report, including a “Vantage 3.0” score. Criminal searches covering “local courts” from all 50 states plus Washington DC, as well as the National Sex-Offender Registry are included. Jail and prison records, warrants & arrests, and the terrorist (OFAC) watch list are included as well. ApplyConnect will check search for past evictions, scanning the nation’s largest eviction database with 36+ million unique records.

Create your account for free and start screening today.

ApplyConnect is a winner in our Best Tenant Screening Service for Small Landlords


With Avail, you can advertise your property, find and screen tenants, sign leases, and collect rent, on any device, with tools built specifically for DIY landlords. Customizable state-specific lease documents are available, along with e-signing and document storage. Avail publishes your online listings to Zillow, Trulia and Hotpads, as well as to apartments.com.

Avail has a free Unlimited plan that includes syndicated listings, credit and criminal screening, state-specific leases, online rent payments, and maintenance tracking.

Unlimited Plus is $5/unit per month and includes everything in Unlimited, plus: next-day rent payments, waived ACH fees, custom applications and leases, and a properties website.

Features and Benefits

  • Advertising: Listings are syndicated to Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, Zumper, Padmapper, Walkscore, Realtor.com, Doorsteps.com, Apartments.com, and ApartmentList. Manage leads, coordinate showings, and ask pre-screening questions from your account.
  • Applications: Request an online rental application with only a tenant’s name and email address. The application asks for 5 years of residence history, employment and income verification, and a complete profile. Add your own custom questions to get the info you need without the tedious back-and-forth. Avail automatically contacts prior landlords listed on the application to find out if the tenant paid their rent on time, took care of the property, and was a good neighbor.
  • Tenant Screening: Choose which reports you want to request from your prospective tenant. Avail offers TransUnion credit, criminal background, and eviction reports. Choose whether you or your applicant pays. Reports start at $30. As soon as your prospective tenant authorizes the reports and verifies their identity, the reports will be instantly available inside your account. You will also receive an email letting you know the reports are ready to be viewed.
  • Leases and Signing: Avail’s Unlimited Plus plan offers state-specific lease templates with all the disclosures and attachments needed to be compliant with local ordinances. Customize for your unit with optional clauses, including whether you allow pets or smoking, or add your own, then sign online.
  • Rent Collection: Enter the rent amount and lease dates, tenant name and email, and Avail will help your tenant make their online payment.
    • Direct-deposit online rent payments.
    • Specialized deposit and fee collection.
    • Auto-generated payment receipts and confirmation.
    • Rent reminders and notifications.
    • Automatic recurring payment setup.
    • Next-day payment deposits.
    • Auto-assessed late fees (one-time or recurring).
    • Tenant messaging.
    • Property-specific bank accounts.
    • Rent payments reported to credit bureaus with CreditBoost.

Get Started at Avail today.


Buildium is rental property management software designed to support the larger DIY landlord and property managers. The software includes tools to help with accounting and bookkeeping, lease & document management, maintenance tracking, rental listings, applications and screening, and more. Buildium claims to have over 15,000 customer accounts, 60,000 users, and over 4 million tenants under management, and was ranked as a leading residential property management solution out of 125+ companies in Gartner’s 2018 FrontRunners analysis of user reviews and ratings. Plans start at $47/month, and they are currently offering a 15-day free trial.

Features and Benefits

  • Leases and Signing: Uses Adobe Document Cloud to facilitate eSignatures on the device of their choice. Offers cloud storage for all your leasing documents.   Online lease templates can be customized and edited to suit your needs, and applicant data can be populated into the lease form.
  • Applications: Online rental applications are fully integrated with your marketing site, so applicants can apply right there. Any related application fees will also be applied to their account and can be paid online. Applications can then be integrated into their built-in screening process.
  • Tenant Screening: Simply request a background check, and Buildium will begin the screening process for you. The comprehensive screening results are easy to read and understand, so you can quickly make an informed decision.
  • Rent Collection: Residents can authorize their bank accounts or credit cards in the resident site, and then set up a recurring payment schedule. Rent will never be late, because it’s deposited into your bank account automatically.
  • Advertising: Shares listings with their listing partners’ websites. Current partners include Lovely, Apartment List, and the entire Zillow Rental Network, which gets your vacancies in front of millions of rental shoppers on Zillow.com, Trulia, Yahoo!, HotPads, and MyNewPlace. Buildium also makes it easy to post all of your vacancies on Craigslist.

For more information, read our Buildium overview.

Buildium is a winner in our Best Online Rent Payment Service For Small Landlords


ClearNow is an easy-to-use and reliable service focusing on tenant screening and online rent collection. Rent is debited from your tenant’s bank account and directly deposited to your bank account. ClearNow has been automating rent payment since 2000, and serves landlords and property managers of ALL sizes (1+ units). Rent payment always directly deposited 3 banking days after the debit day. Use ClearNow Online Rent Payment to Collect Rent Automatically!

Features and Benefits

  • Tenant Screening: Landlords using ClearNow to collect rent electronically now have access to a powerful and free tenant screening service. Rental applicants pay a $35 fee when they submit their credit report. You will receive a complete report with credit score, criminal background check, eviction report, and recommendation.
  • Rent Collection: Rent is debited from your tenant’s bank account and directly deposited to your bank account. Tenants do not need a computer. Rent payment is automatic – nothing to schedule. Rent payments deposited 3 banking days after the debit day.

For more information, read our ClearNow Property Management Software Overview.

ClearNow is a winner in our Best Tenant Screening Service for Small Landlords

Landlord Studio:

Landlord Studio is an online and mobile rental property management software that helps you track income and expenses, screen tenants, set automatic reminders, and more. Pricing begins at $9/unit per month, plus $1 for each additional unit. Subscribers can upload property and unit details to import income and track expenses. You can automate tasks and set gas, inspection, electrical and other reminders. Landlord Studio comes with free tenant screening, automated rent reminders and overdue notices, secure cloud storage, and over a dozen available reports to choose from. There is also centralized management of tenants, owners and suppliers so you can call, email or text them from your fingertips.

As of this update, Landlord Studio does not offer e-signing for leases or online rent collection, but development is underway and coming soon. Try Landlord Studio free for 30 days, no credit card required. Start Free Trial.

Features and Benefits

  • Tenant Screening: Screen tenants at no cost to the landlord. Applicants pay only $38. Landlord Studio has teamed up with RentPrep (powered by TransUnion) to offer their SmartMove tenant screening reports. This includes: FCRA Customer Support, SSN Verification, Address History, Bankruptcies Search, National Eviction Search, National U.S Criminal Search, U.S Sex Offender Search, Global Homeland Search, Full Credit Report, and Credit Score.

Setup your free account at Landlord Studio.


PayRent helps property owners and managers collect rent online quickly, safely and securely. In just a few clicks, you can add your properties and get your tenants enrolled and start receiving rent payments. It is always free to sign up. The low transaction fees can be either absorbed by the landlord or passed through to your tenant. Sign up here.    

Features and Benefits

  • Rent Collection: The service is free to use for landlords. PayRent charges only a transaction fee to process e-checks (0.25%) and credit cards (3.5% + $0.30.) You can pay the fees or pass them through to your renters. There are also no contracts and no monthly minimums. This includes unlimited properties, payment reminders, recurring payments, 3-day funding, and options to assess late fees.

Sign up for free at PayRent.com

PayRent is a winner in our Best Free Property Management Software for Small Landlords

Rentec Direct:

Rentec Direct offers rental property management software and tenant screening solutions for landlords and real estate professionals to manage properties, tenants, and accounts online. Subscribers can collect rent payments, post vacancies, balance accounts, create reports, access tenant and owner portals, coordinate maintenance, accept rental applications online, and generate tenant screening reports. Sign up for a free trial today at www.rentecdirect.com.

Features and Benefits

  • Leases and Signing: Customizable lease forms available, which pull applicant and property data from the original listing and application.  Electronic signing – through HelloSign – and document storage are provided.
  • Applications: Provide online applications and accept application payments for your vacancies. Collect application fees and recover tenant screening costs directly within the application. When it comes time to process the application, the system populates the data into the tenant screening and tenant management systems to save any duplicate entry.
  • Tenant Screening: Rentec Direct brings you reliable credit, criminal, and eviction reports at a heavily discounted membership only price.
  • Rent Collection: Accept online tenant payments via ACH or credit card and even accept cash payments at any of their 20,000 payment locations.
  • Advertising: Provides you with a professionally designed website for all your properties, as well as individual detail pages with images for each property. You can also opt to have your vacancy listings automatically published to Zillow, Trulia, HotPads, and many others; included in your Rentec subscription.

For more information, read our Rentec Direct Rental Property Management Software Overview.

Rentec Direct is a winner in our Best Online Rent Payment Service For Small Landlords


RentPrep focuses solely on providing tenant screening services. They are a team of FCRA Certified Screeners that work inside a real background check company located near Buffalo, NY. RentPrep aims to provide comprehensive tenant screening using real-live intelligence to help landlords identify the best possible tenants for their rental property. Get started by signing up for your free RentPrep account.

Features and Benefits

  • Tenant Screening: RentPrep offers a tenant background check with an option to add on a criminal and sex offender search and a credit decision report. Landlords can also order a full SmartMove credit report from RentPrep, either separately or in addition to the hand-compiled background check.

For more information, read our RentPrep Tenant Screening Software Overview.

RentPrep is a winner in our Best Tenant Screening Service for Small Landlords


SparkRental’s Landlord App offers tools to help with all aspects of managing your rental properties. From advertising your vacancies to free instant rental applications and complete tenant screening reports. You can also create instant lease agreements, collect online rent payments, track expenses and create financial reporting. SparkRental also offers a property management hub for document storage, tenant communication, maintenance tracking, and late rent and other tenant notice generation. Take a tour and view pricing plans on their website.

Features and Benefits

  • Advertising: Enter your rental listing details and upload your photos once. Your rental listing goes out to Trulia, Zillow, and HotPads, reaching 120 million Americans. You can include an “Apply Here” link to receive completed rental applications and screening reports directly.
  • Applications: Spark Rental’s free rental application authorizes you to contact employers, past landlords, references and anyone else you need to call to check the applicant’s credentials. You can select to run full tenant screening reports on the applicant as well. Full credit reports, nationwide criminal background checks, and nationwide eviction history reports are available with the click of a button.
  • Tenant Screening: Tenant screening reports chargeable directly to your applicants. Full credit reports with FICO score. Nationwide criminal background checks. Nationwide eviction reports. And you can request a rental application at the same time.
  • Leases and Signing: Lease and addenda forms for all 50 states.  (We recommend you verify that these forms are up-to-date.)  Electronic signing and document storage are supported.
  • Rent Collection: Your renters can choose to pay by ACH (bank transfer/eCheck), by credit card, or by debit card. They can even set up automated recurring rent payments. Total transfer time is only 2-3 days.

For more information, read our SparkRental Property Management Software Overview.

SparkRental is a winner in our Best Online Rent Payment Service For Small Landlords


TenantCloud is cloud rental property management software that helps you receive payments online, advertise your properties and screen potential tenants. Pricing ranges from $0 for their basic plan to $35/month for their advanced plan for DIY landlords and property managers. Customize basic lease templates and send to applicants for e-signing. Sign up for one of the Tenant Cloud plans today for free.

Features and Benefits

  • Advertising: List your rental on your free marketing website. TenantCloud integrates your listings with partners such as Zillow and Trulia.
  • Applications: Easily accept applications after signing up. You can customize the application with additional questions, attachments, and even request an application fee.
  • Tenant Screening: When a potential tenant submits online rental application, you can run a screening report directly from the application. Choose between a Background Check for information on the tenant’s prior criminal history or a full SmartMove Credit check by RentPrep to evaluate their history of financial responsibility.
  • Leases and Signing: Generate customizable documents with Tenant Cloud’s agreement template builder and create simple residential leases online.
  • Rent Collection: Accept online tenant payments via ACH with no transaction fees or debit or credit card with standard fees. You can also collect using Stripe or PayPal.

Sign up for one of the Tenant Cloud plans today for free.

TenantCloud is a winner in our Best Free Property Management Software for Small Landlords

Vertical Rent:

VerticalRent has announced it will cease operations effective May 31, 2020.

VerticalRent offers free tenant screening services. All you need is your rental applicant’s email address and name. This free online tenant screening service is no-cost to you. The applicant purchases their Experian® credit report and shares it directly with you. After screening your applicants, VerticalRent also provides many additional property management features for landlords. Plans range from $0 to $20/month. others such as bookkeeping, tenant notices, and maintenance management.

Features and Benefits

  • Leases and Signing: Provides customizable lease documents, and some state-specific forms, but does not provide electronic document signing.   Document storage is available.
  • Applications: Their free landlord forms and online rental applications help streamline your applicant intake process. Share your unique link anywhere you decide to advertise. Vertical Rent also offers free tenant screening. All you need is your rental applicant’s name and email address.
  • Tenant Screening: Offers free tenant screening. All you need is your rental applicant’s name and email address. The applicant purchases their Experian credit report and shares it directly with you.
  • Rent Collection: Your tenants can sign-up today and immediately start paying rent online with a credit card, debit card, or checking account with our easy-to-use tenant portal. Quick 2-3 day payouts.
  • Advertising: In minutes, you can design a beautiful listing to showcase a property for rent. With an extra click, this listing is automatically syndicated to the web’s most powerful network: Zillow, Trulia, and Hotpads – providing you with maximum exposure.

For more information, read our VerticalRent Rental Property Management Software Overview.


Cozy’s rental property management software includes features for you to market your rentals, choose the right tenants, collect rent, share leases and other documents, and bill automatic late fees for free. Cozy publishes listings to doorsteps.com and realtor.com. Once you have tenants in place, you can document expenses and communicate about maintenance requests with tenants.

Zillow Rental Manager:

Create and manage your rental listing in one place which post on Zillow, Trulia and HotPads. You can receive online rental applications and tenant screening, including criminal and eviction checks, credit reports and more. Zillow Rental Manager also offers rent payments sent directly to your bank account.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links and Landlord Gurus may earn a commission. Our mission remains to provide valuable resources and information that helps landlords manage their rental properties efficiently and profitably. We link to these companies and their products because of their quality, not because of the commission.

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