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Our commitment is to provide expert advice on the complex and important residential property management issues faced by landlords and property managers.  Together we have over 30 years of experience in residential property ownership and management. In addition to sharing our own expertise and experiences, we call on specialists in fields including maintenance, laws and rules, tenant management, and more. You can also view all of our content here.

Tenant Management

Here we’ll handle the processes and practices that successful owners use in selecting, retaining, and managing tenants.  We’ll address topics such as the application process, documents and lease signing, maintenance requests, and handling of the move-out and deposit refund process. Browse all of our Tenant Management articles or Video Extras.

Most Popular Articles:

man looking at property management software reports on tablet

The Best Rental Property Management Software: Product Overviews

The right rental property management software can help landlords efficiently run their small businesses. As property owners and managers ourselves, we have evaluated the best rental property software products to uncover their key benefits.

man making online rent payment

The Best Online Rent Payment Service for Small Landlords

Property management software can be a useful tool for small and independent landlords to effectively run their businesses. Here we compare how each of them handle online rent payment from a landlord’s perspective.

cozy vs avail vs tenantcloud property management software comparison

Cozy vs Avail vs TenantCloud Property Management Software Comparison

Landlords have numerous options right now to choose from when it comes to simplifying their property management workflow. To make choosing easier we’re examining three of the popular choices: Cozy vs Avail vs TenantCloud.

Laws, Rules, and Best Practices

Landlord-tenant laws around the country are changing rapidly, often differing city-to-city.  The last thing you want is to have to compromise on your choice of tenants, or land yourself in court about a regulatory misstep. Articles in this section will help you navigate this changing landscape, avoiding legal pitfalls and keep your properties full of great tenants paying market rents.  Browse all of Our Articles on Laws, Rules, and Best Practices.

Most Popular Articles:

Landlord reviewing rental criteria checklist and asking questions to potential tenants

Rental Criteria Checklist for Screening Prospective Tenants

As a landlord, you already have a lot to take care of. When it comes to screening prospective tenants, be prepared with the right questions so you can seamlessly move through the process of determining if the applicant is qualified. Download our free Criteria Checklist.


Should You Create an LLC for Your Rental Property?

Like any business owner, you might be wondering if you should create an LLC for your company. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this situation. Whether or not you should create an LLC for rental property is determined by a number of different factors.


Maintaining and improving buildings and grounds is one of the most challenging aspects of managing properties.  Articles in this section will focus on the common problems owners and managers encounter – from emergency plumbing and electrical issues, to routine repairs. Browse all of our Rental Property Maintenance Articles.

Most Popular Articles:

leaking bathroom faucet at rental property

Avoid costly repairs with a rental property maintenance checklist

No landlord enjoys paying for maintenance. We believe you can avoid costly mistakes using a rental property maintenance checklist. We’ve created a sample for you to use as-is or as a starting point in creating your own.

rental property maintenance video

Rental Property Maintenance: Video Extra

Chris and Eli from Landlord Gurus talk about the benefits of using property management software to help manage rental property maintenance. Eli recently wrote an article about the best products available, and how to choose the one that’s right for you and your portfolio.

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