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EZ Landlord Forms: Free Rental Application PDF and Lease Templates

Legal rental forms

Being a landlord can be challenging; just collecting rent and dealing with repairs can keep your hands full. On top of the day-to-day stresses, keeping up with changing rental laws is time consuming and very confusing. Using outdated, non-compliant lease documents exposes landlords to potentially costly legal risk. EZ Landlord Forms addresses these issues by offering agreements and forms that are kept up-to-date and compliant with local laws.

With a range of free rental applications and lease templates, landlords can easily create legally binding documents in minutes using EZ Landlord Forms. State-by-state lawyer-reviewed forms and e-signing are available with a paid subscription. The site maintains and updates leases that conform to differing local landlord-tenant laws across the United States.

What is EZ LandlordForms?

EZ Landlord Forms helps landlords create and download lease agreements, rental applications, tenant rules, and other forms compliant with local laws. These documents create a clear agreement where both parties know what is expected.

Leases can be signed electronically, saving time and money. Often, landlords will download one lease and keep using it every year. However, landlord-tenant laws are constantly changing, so it’s important to continually refer back to keep your documents up to date. By using EZ Landlord Forms, you can feel confident that each lease you create is current, up-to-date, and legally binding.

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Features and Benefits

  • Free Rental Forms: EZ Landlord Forms has more than 169 free rental lease templates for landlords to use. All you need to do to gain access to these forms is to create a free account. Free forms include a rental application pdf, rent receipts, lease agreements, personal financial statements, or specific safety guides.
  • State Specific Documents: EZ Landlord Forms offer legally binding documents in your state and local laws, even if a landlord created them outside of that jurisdiction. This is incredibly important because it might not be binding if it’s not state-specific, leading to further issues down the road if a tenant violates terms, wants to leave, or breaks the lease.
  • E-Sign Capabilities: Landlords and tenants can now sign rental agreements electronically with EZ Landlord Forms. The documents created through their lease builder will be integrated with E-sign technology to make it simple to execute your documents.
  • Tenant Screening: When landlords create their free account and download documents, they’ll also have the ability to sign up for tenant screening services to help ensure you rent to the right tenants. There are two options for payment; either the landlord can request for the tenant to pay or the landlord can pay.
  • Online Help and Resources: For landlords that want to learn more about rental agreements, leases, and other landlord forms before signing up for an EZ Landlord Forms account, they can find helpful articles and resources listed throughout the EZ Landlord Forms website. This includes free help articles for those who don’t have an account, and various other resources, like a Landlord Question and Answer Forum.

EZ Landlord Forms Products and Services

Residential Lease Agreement With ezSign

The residential lease agreement is a state-specific document that uses a lease builder wizard to customize the terms as needed. This lease-building process allows you to select the information you need and creates a polished document that both parties sign digitally. With a free account, as we’ve mentioned, landlords have access to a rental lease template that is thorough but not customized for each state.

Tenant Screening

For $29.99 per report, landlords receive a complete check on applicants before inviting them to rent. EZ Landlord Forms tenant screening provides background checks, credit reports, criminal records information, employer verification, Social Security number validation, and more on any of your potential tenants. The landlord can pay for this screening or the tenant can pay.

Rental Application

The rental application is normally the first form a potential tenant fills out when they want to rent a home. EZ Landlord Forms offers a free downloadable rental application PDF or Word template. The site offers both printable rental applications and online forms that can be filled out on a computer and emailed back to a landlord.

Non-Renewal Notice

EZ Landlord Forms offers a simple-to-use, free downloadable template. That template can be in PDF form or a Word document. It can be mailed to the tenant so they are notified of the decision not to renew their lease agreement.

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How Much Does EZ Landlord Forms Cost?

EZ Landlord Forms has many different pricing options available. You can also start with a free trial. With every account created, you can get access to basic, printable documents. There are plenty of forms available at no charge. This allows a landlord to try out the system without any commitment.

However, if a landlord is looking to integrate ezSign, use state-specific forms, have unlimited access to online documents, free chat support, and more, a pro plan will be necessary. The most popular paid plans you can choose from on the EZ Landlord Forms website include:

  • 30 Days: If you only need short-term access, you can purchase a monthly pass for $30. However, once the 30 days are over, you have access to premium forms anymore.
  • Monthly or Yearly Subscription: If you need to use the program consistently, you can either sign up for the monthly subscription for $12 per month or the yearly subscription for $75 per month. Both subscriptions allow you to cancel at any time.
  • Lifetime Payment: With the Lifetime Plan on EZ Landlord Forms, you will only need to pay a one-time fee of $299 to have access to all premium forms forever. This is the preferred plan for most landlords due to the value and never-ending access. Any time a landlord needs to fill a vacancy, they can be confident they will have the most up-to-date, lawyer-reviewed forms.

internal link EZ Landlord Forms is always free to try and you can sign up for a free trial here.

Protect Your Property With the Best Online Rental and Lease Agreements

In this rental climate it’s imperative that landlords find a source for documents and forms that ensure they are following all local rules and regulations. Without a solid lease agreement, your assets are not adequately protected, which can lead to costly lawsuits, hassles, and lost rental income.

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Without a good lease agreement, there are several ways a landlord can lose money. For example, tenants might be able to wiggle out of their obligations because an agreement wasn’t valid. This could also lead to a landlord being responsible for paying for damages that a tenant made.

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Finding the best online lease agreements for small landlords can feel overwhelming. With tons of options to choose from, it can be challenging to know where to start.

Thankfully, EZ Landlord Forms is an excellent resources for landlords wanting to create and download lease agreements and forms that are compliant with local laws and regulations. In addition, leases can be signed electronically, saving time and money. As we’ve written before, we believe online property management software tools are a great resource for rental investors and managers. We highly recommend exploring whether EZ Landlord Forms is the right solution for you.

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