Landlord Resources

Managing your own rental properties is not an easy job. From finding and screening tenants, maintaining and improving your properties to bookkeeping, accounting and reporting, there are countless tasks that spread you thin. Add on top of that your regular day job. That’s why we believe in surrounding yourself with the right people, tools and landlord resources to help you efficiently manage your properties.

We will update this page as we examine and review new useful products and resources. For additional in-depth articles and analysis of landlord products and resources, see our list of Landlord Gurus Resources.

Rental Property Management Software

Rental property management software is one of the most valuable landlord resources in a DIY property manager’s arsenal. Software provides an impressive collection of benefits, from rent collection and tenant screening to property accounting, leasing and tenant communication. Furthermore, today’s software solutions are user-friendly and are easy for busy managers to use on the go. 

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Tenant Screening

The following software products mainly specialize in tenant screening, helping you find the right tenants for your property.

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Rent Collection

These online rent payment systems help you get paid, in full and on-time.

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Landlord Accounting and Bookkeeping Resources

Software and landlord resources and tools that help you track income and expenses, create reports, and prepare tax documents.

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Rent Price Analysis

Make sure you are pricing your units appropriately to minimize down-time and maximize profits.

Property Management

Maybe you simply need a bit of professional help managing some or all aspects of your real estate business. Find the right property management company for your needs and location.

Business Software and Services

Landlord resources and software to help set up your rental property business, create leases and notices, and other business and legal services.

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Home and Property Services

Find products for your properties and hire contractors and service providers to help you get your projects done right. Here’s a list of online landlord resources, from handymen to cleaners and movers, to gutter protection systems, and even design plans for your property.

Property Security

Keep your tenants and your property safe and secure with locks and cameras. Below are some useful deadbolts, smart locks, doorbells, cameras and security systems we can recommend.

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Hardware & Tools

Keep up with regular maintenance and prevent emergencies with the right resources, products and tools to keep things running smoothly. Plumbing problems, blocked drains, leaking toilets, water heaters, and broken garbage disposals are often the things that result in the most emergency maintenance calls from tenants. Many landlords and property managers will have a selection of these tools to help prepare for these situations.

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Books, Guides & Landlord Education

Learn more about managing and growing your real estate portfolio with these helpful landlord resources, books and educational products:

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