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We’ll just be honest here – we’re exceedingly proud when other sites include us in their work.  We also like to acknowledge their work and express gratitude that they’ve pointed to us as experts. It might be shameless self-promotion, but we’ll be using this page to showcase our presence on other sites.

Tech Times: Landlord Gurus: A Legacy in Real Estate

In the world of real estate, landlords and property managers are the backbone of the industry, keeping millions of homes and buildings safe, well-maintained, and habitable for tenants. However, with the many challenges that come with being a landlord, it’s no easy feat. But for Eli Secor and Chris Lee, co-founders of Landlord Gurus, property management is not just a job, it’s a legacy.

US Reporter: DIY Landlord: Tips and Tricks from Landlord Gurus

“We believe that by combining our expertise with the right tools, we can help landlords save time, reduce stress, and increase profits.” – Chris Lee

Realty Times: Landlord Gurus Share The Art of Maintenance: Balancing Cost, Time, and Quality

Landlord Gurus, a leading resource for landlords and property managers, recently shared their expertise on balancing cost, time, and quality in the art of maintenance for rental properties. As experienced landlords and property managers, Eli Secor and Chris Lee have seen their fair share of maintenance issues and know the importance of finding the right balance in order to keep their properties running smoothly.

Kivo Daily: Landlord Gurus’ Guide to Finding the Right Tenants

“Along with managing maintenance the biggest pain point for landlords is filling vacancies,” says Chris Lee, one of the co-founders of Landlord Gurus. “Advertising, screening, and finding reliable tenants can be a time-consuming and stressful process.” To make this process easier, Chris and Eli Secor, the other co-founder of Landlord Gurus, have compiled their years of experience into a guide for landlords on how to find the right tenants.

Jason Hartman Podcast: Population Demographics Effects on Rental Housing with Eli Secor

Listen in as Jason welcomes‘s Eli Secor to the show. Eli talks about the processes and practices that successful owners use in selecting, retaining, and managing tenants. He’ll address topics such as the application process, documents and lease signing, maintenance requests, and handling of the move-out and deposit refund process and so much more.

SparkRental Podcast: Ep. 139: Chatting with Chris Lee from Landlord Gurus

Brian Davis of Spark Rental chats with Chris Lee of Landlord Guru’s about the tips and tricks of managing property.

Steadily: How Many Rental Properties Do You Need to Be Able to Retire?

As Chris Lee with Landlord Gurus points “Managing a rental does not always feel like passive income. It can be hard work at times, and some find it stressful to find and manage tenants, and deal with maintenance issues and problems. However, there are ways for landlords to manage this using software or a hybrid approach.

TableLabs: The 21 best Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugins and tools

“Yoast provides readability analysis, which pushes us to write so that our readers find our content easier to read and consume. Using measures such as reading ease, passive voice, sentence length, and more, Yoast tells us how approachable and engaging our content is.”

Chris from Landlord Gurus

Porch: House Flipping: Tips from the Experts

“As a house flipper, a key to running a profitable business is boosting the efficiency of your renovation efforts. It is equally important to understand the legal side of things to avoid any costly mistakes. By improving your renovation processes and navigating rules and regulations carefully, you vastly improve the likelihood you’ll be successful flipping houses.”

Excerpt from guest post on improving the efficiency of managing and flipping rental properties.

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