October 16, 2020

Collecting Rent Online:  Pandemic Or Not, There Are Many Benefits


We’ve written many articles now about the benefits of online property management software tools. Collecting rent electronically is one of the most compelling reasons we’ve found to use these services. Search engine queries for terms such as “collect rent online” are common, and our readers seem particularly drawn to our rent payment articles. Following is a sampling of our coverage on collecting rent online.

Why Landlords Should Use An Online Rent Payment Service

This article breaks down the options landlords have for collecting rent electronically, including bank transfers and person-to-person money transfer services such as Zelle. We discuss the merits and drawbacks of each method, and show why we believe the best solution is to use a property management software product.

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PayRent vs Cozy Rent Payment For Landlords

For landlords focused on collecting rent online PayRent and Cozy are companies worth looking at. While Cozy offers features that address a range of property management tasks, PayRent has focused on building a quick, easy tool for landlords who want a secure way to receive rent payments electronically. The following article compares these two services so that you can evaluate which best fits your needs:

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payrent online rent payment service logoPayRent
PayRent focuses exclusively on rent payments. No subscription plan and a simple pricing structure means no ongoing monthly payments.

cozy rent payment logoCozy
Cozy’s rental property management software includes features for you to market your rentals, choose the right tenants, collect rent, share leases and other documents, and bill automatic late fees for free.

TenantCloud vs Avail Rent Payments: Property Management Software Comparison

TenantCloud and Avail are industry-leading property management software platforms. Each product has strengths and areas of focus. Landlords looking for robust accounting features may want to look at TenantCloud for example. Similarly, those most interested in lawyer-reviewed localized lease documents will find Avail particularly attractive. Please read our feature-by-feature comparison:

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TenantCloud property management software logoTenantCloud
TenantCloud is cloud-based rental property management software that helps you receive payments online, advertise your properties and screen potential tenants.

avail property management software logoAvail
With Avail rental property management software, you can advertise your property, find and screen tenants, sign leases, and collect rent, on any device, with tools built specifically for DIY landlords. 

The Best Online Rent Payment Service for Small Landlords

Landlords looking for the best way to collect rent online will want to consider factors such as payment processing speed, cost to themselves and/or tenants, and the payment options they can offer to their residents.  In this article we stack up the industry’s leading companies and compare them for collecting rent online:

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Video Extra

Chris and Eli from Landlord Gurus talk about the various different means for collecting rent, from cash to PayPal to electronic transfer:

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