August 10, 2020

Top Resources for Landlords

Managing your own rental properties is not an easy job. From finding and screening tenants, maintaining and improving your properties, to bookkeeping, accounting and reporting, there are countless tasks that spread you thin. Add on top of that your regular day job. That’s why we believe in surrounding yourself with the right people, tools and resources to help you efficiently manage your properties.

We have compiled some of the top landlord resources that we think can help, from property management software, to security cameras, hardware and tools, as well as books, guides, educational products, and more.

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RentRedi – Make Renting Easy

If you’re looking for an all-encompassing property management software, RentRedi could be right for you. As an app, it’s simple for you and your tenants to access RentRedi from your mobile device anywhere at any time. Read on to learn about RentRedi Property Management Software and then sign up for an account

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Cozy Rent Payment and Property Management Services

If you need some help managing your rental units but aren’t ready to hire a property manager or shell out a lot of money on software, Cozy may be an attractive property management software product. Most features are free for landlords as well as tenants, with fees only on specific services that are charged on a per-use basis. Cozy rent payment, for example, has become popular and for $2.99 per unit landlords can expedite processing time so that rent arrives in their bank accounts quickly.

Note that Cozy is merging with It will be adding features soon, such as lower-cost screening reports, faster electronic rent payments, location-specific leases, and expense tracking. This will be a slow transition, with accounts automatically transitioning from Cozy to by mid-2021.

Learn More: Cozy Rent Payment and Property Management Services

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Video Extras

Chris and Eli from Landlord Gurus talk about the benefits of using property management software to help manage rental property maintenance:

Rental Property Maintenance: Video Extra

Chris and Eli from Landlord Gurus talk about the benefits of collecting rent online using property management software:

Collecting Rent Online: Video Extra

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