routine rental painting
Maintenance, Property Management

Routine Rental Maintenance: Security, Pest Control, & Exterior

We started our series on routine rental maintenance by discussing common plumbing problems in rental properties, and in particular how…

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Property Management, Rent Payment, Tenant Management

Rent Guarantee Insurance: New Options for Small Landlords

As an independent landlord, you invest your limited financial resources in rental real estate hoping that it will appreciate over…

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Advertising rentals
Property Management, Tenant Management, Tenant Screening

Advertising Online: What is the Best Rental Listing Site for Small Landlords?

Property owners are always looking for the best ways to advertise their vacant units. It can be challenging, however, to…

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Business Concept - Property Management on Clipboard.
Maintenance, Property Management, Rent Payment, Tenant Management, Tenant Screening

How Much Does a Property Management Company Charge?

Have you found yourself wondering if you need a professional property manager? Below we take a look into the factors…

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should I accept pets in my rental
Rules and Regulations, Tenant Management, Tenant Screening

Should I Accept Pets in My Rental?

We are often asked, “Pets cause damage, why should I accept pets in my rental?” Good question! There are numerous…

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