State Specific Residential Lease Agreements

State-specific lease agreement forms are a necessity today, as rental laws vary from state to state and even city to city. It has become increasingly difficult for independent landlords to keep up with and stay in compliance with landlord-tenant laws that are constantly changing. The consequences of violating these laws, even unintentionally, can be severe. 

Easily customize your state-specific lease agreement

Keep yourself protected with a customized, legally binding, state-specific lease agreement, without the sizeable expense of hiring a local lawyer.

Using our state-specific leases you simply fill out standard information and add any unique details about your unit and payment terms. We instantly create binding locally compliant lease documents for you!

  • Property details: Address, unit, and description
  • Lease specifics: Fixed term or month to month, start date, end date
  • Payment Terms: Rent amount, security deposit, additional fees, due dates and late fees
  • Renters: Number of occupants, responsible parties, contact information for renters, and guest policy
  • Pets, Parking, Storage, Smoking: Add your specific policies
  • Keys, Utilities, Services, Taxes: Explicitly cover that the renter pays for vs what the property owner covers
  • Federal and state specific addendums/notices: Lead paint, bed bug, mold, etc – leases include notices required by federal and state laws.

Save time and stay organized with e-Sign and document storage

Send leases to your tenants for electronic signing and receive real-time status updates on progress. Once signed, you (and your tenants) can view all your leases in one place and be ready when it’s time for renewals.

  • Send out your lease for eSign from within Azibo – no 3rd party software required
  • Real time status alerts keep you up to date on signing progress
  • eSigned leases are automatically filed and always accessible within Azibo
  • Price: $29.99 per lease, included e-signing

More Than Just Lease Creation

In addition to lease agreements, you have access to all of Azibo’s free property management software. Azibo goes beyond lease creation, providing essential features like tenant application & screening, automated rent collection, accounting & booking, a tenant portal, and messaging tools.

Free Core Features

Best of all, Azibo’s core features are free to use:

  • Online rental application
  • Tenant screening*
  • Online rent collection platform accepting credit card, ACH, debit card payments
  • Landlord-centric bank account w/ zero monthly fees
  • Rental-focused accounting & tax prep tools including Schedule E, rent roll, income and cash flow statements

*Tenant screening is paid by the applicant.

Simply follow this link and get started with your state-specific Landlord Gurus / Azibo residential lease agreement today!

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