February 11, 2021

Latest Eviction Moratorium News

The federal government, as well as many cities, counties, and states, are taking steps to diminish the influence of the COVID-19 calamity on renters. These include placing moratoriums on evictions, holds on shutting off utilities because of non-payment, and barring late fees and increases in rents.

Unlike large real estate businesses and real estate investment trusts (REITs) that own numerous rental properties, small landlords often lack the cash or liquidity to cover their expenses when rents aren’t paid.

Just like other small businesses and individual workers in the US, mom-and-pop landlords are also struggling during COVID-19. Many have tenants who are not paying rent. Moreover, the constantly changing federal, state, and local eviction bans have confused many landlords. 

We have recently published a couple of posts trying to unpack what all this means for landlords and what steps we can take in the event a tenant is unable to pay their rent. In the first article, we outline the federal eviction moratorium as well as local and state laws regarding eviction bans:

Latest Federal Eviction Moratorium News

We also help you understand what the Center for Disease Control eviction moratorium actually means for landlords. We’ll also explore steps that you should take when a tenant stops paying rent:

Center for Disease Control Eviction Moratorium: A Guide For Small Landlords

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