August 31, 2022

What is the Best Bank Account for Landlords?

Having a devoted banking account is a necessity for any independent business, especially those in real estate. Digital-first banks are gaining popularity for personal accounts but have not gained much traction in SMB/business accounts. These banks generally have not tailored their offerings to fit the needs of small businesses, however that is changing.

Linking bank accounts with rental property management software simplifies rental property finances by streamlining rental management, accounting, rent payments, taxes, and more. In this article, we compare key aspects of traditional banks and credit unions with new landlord-dedicated bank accounts so that you can make the right choice.

Landlord Banking: Why You Should Use a Dedicated Bank Account for Landlords

Software Overview: Baselane

One of our newest software partners, Baselane, is rental property management software that provides an integrated set of tools to help real estate investors and landlords save time and money while increasing their rental property returns. One of their particular strengths is the comprehensive set of bookkeeping, reporting, and accounting features they offer, as well as the bank accounts they have structured to fit the specific needs of rental investment. Read our review:

Baselane Overview: Landlord Banking & Rental Property Finances

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