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Apartment Intercom System: Ultimate Guide for Landlords for 2023 – 2024

In the fast-paced world of property management, apartment intercom systems have become indispensable tools for landlords. These cutting-edge systems, such as cloud-based intercom systems and video intercom systems, not only offer improved security but also foster seamless communication and heightened tenant satisfaction.

This comprehensive guide aims to equip landlords with the knowledge needed to navigate the realm of apartment intercom systems effectively, including modern apartment video intercom systems. From the evolution of these systems to key features, installation, and future trends, let’s delve into the world of modern intercom systems.

Evolution of Apartment Intercom Systems

The journey of apartment building intercom systems has been nothing short of remarkable. In the pre-2013 era, traditional apartment building intercom systems relied on audio-only communication, allowing tenants to buzz in visitors with a simple press of a button near their unit after the visitor calls. However, with advancements in technology, these original apartment entry systems have evolved to become multifunctional powerhouses, including video intercom systems for apartments.

Advancements in Technology

The integration of apartment intercom systems with smart home devices has revolutionized the game. Imagine managing your intercom with a voice command or through a user-friendly mobile app! Video intercom systems have taken security to new heights, enabling tenants to visually verify individuals before granting them visitor access. The convenience of mobile app connectivity has empowered tenants to grant access remotely, no matter where they are, thanks to the modern apartment intercoms and cloud-based intercom systems.

Benefits of Upgrading Intercom Systems

Upgrading your apartment intercom system brings a plethora of advantages, ranging from enhanced security to seamless communication and increased tenant satisfaction. Let’s explore these benefits in greater detail:

Enhanced Security

Modern intercom systems, including the apartment video intercom system and apartment building access control systems, act as robust access control systems, ensuring that only authorized individuals can gain access to entry to the building. With keycard/fob entry, biometric identification, or virtual keys, you can tighten security measures and keep unwanted intruders at bay. The integration of alarm systems adds an extra layer of protection against potential security risks.

Improved Communication

Two-way audio and video capabilities foster seamless communication between tenants and visitors. Whether it’s verifying a visitor’s identity or managing access remotely, these features provide a secure and convenient way of granting entry. Additionally, cloud-based intercom systems enable online shopping and package deliveries with ease, making it easier on the delivery drivers and helping to reduce the risks of package theft.

Increased Tenant Satisfaction

By investing in the best in video call intercoms and security systems for apartments, you demonstrate your commitment to providing a safe and modern living experience for your tenants. With added security measures, multiple entry methods, and improved communication channels, you enhance tenant satisfaction and create a positive living environment.

Key Features of Modern Apartment Intercom Systems

To make an informed decision when choosing an apartment intercom system, it’s crucial to understand the key features that these modern wireless intercom systems offer. Let’s explore these features in detail:

Access Control Systems

Apartment intercom systems offer various access control methods to ensure security. From keycard/fob entry to biometric identification and virtual keys, these systems provide flexible and convenient options for granting access. The system with door release functionality allows tenants to unlock the door for visitors remotely.

Audio and Video Intercom Systems

Two-way audio functionality allows tenants to communicate with visitors, verifying their identity before granting access. The integration of video monitoring capabilities adds an extra layer of security, allowing tenants to make video calls and visually confirm visitors’ identities. Call forwarding features ensure tenants can manage access remotely, providing convenience without security risk and peace of mind.

Integration with Other Building Systems

Modern apartment intercom systems seamlessly integrate with other building systems, enhancing overall functionality. Elevator control allows tenants to grant access to specific floors, ensuring authorized entry. Surveillance cameras can be integrated for added security, and building property management systems and software centralizes access events, simplifying management for property managers. Access events can be logged and tracked for security purposes.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Apartment Intercom System

Selecting the right apartment intercom system requires careful consideration of various factors. Let’s explore these considerations to help you make an informed decision:

Building Size and Layout

The size and layout of your building play a vital role in determining the type of video intercom system that you need. Larger buildings may require wireless video intercom systems with more extensive coverage and scalability options, while smaller buildings may find simpler systems sufficient. Multi-tenant intercom systems cater to buildings with multiple units.

Number of Units

Consider the number of units in your apartment building as it directly impacts the complexity and scalability requirements of the apartment intercom system. A wireless apartment intercom system can efficiently handle a large number of units.

Budget and Cost

Understand your budget and cost constraints, including installation costs, maintenance fees, and any additional features you may require. Cloud-based intercom systems may offer cost savings in terms of infrastructure and maintenance.

Scalability and Future-proofing

Invest in a system that can adapt to future needs and advancements. Look for systems that offer scalability options and can accommodate future upgrades. Cloud-based intercom systems are often more scalable and future-proof.

User-Friendly Interface

Ensure the intercom system you choose offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing tenants to easily navigate and operate the system. Mobile apps with a user-friendly interface provide convenient access control for tenants.

Maintenance and Support

Select an intercom system that comes with reliable maintenance and support services. Regular maintenance and troubleshooting are essential to minimize downtime and inconveniences for tenants.

Leading Competitors in the Field

When it comes to the best apartment intercom systems, there are a variety of products to choose from, but we’ve shortlisted a few standout options below to help get your research rolling.

Avigilon Apartment Intercom Systems

Avigilon revolutionizes apartment access control with their advanced intercom systems. Designed for multifamily buildings, their sleek touchscreen interface and mobile app provide convenient door access and management from smartphones. With extensive features like two-way video calling, cloud-based admin dashboard, and elevator controls, Avigilon offers a superior resident experience. Their system with door release functionality ensures seamless access for authorized visitors.

Aiphone Intercom

Aiphone leads in security communication systems, offering intercoms for various industries. Suitable for single-family and multifamily use, their products come with video options and user-friendly interfaces. Aiphone intercoms support complex/multi-building connections, making them an ideal choice for larger-scale properties with interconnected structures.

DoorBird Intercom

From Germany, DoorBird specializes in IP Intercoms. Their products cater to single-family homes and multi-tenant buildings. With keypads, wide-angle cameras, and a simple design, DoorBird provides easy installation and integration with home automation systems. Their open API allows seamless integration with third-party home automation and access control systems, offering enhanced customization and flexibility.

Doorking Intercom

Doorking, a trusted name in access control, offers traditional telephone entry systems. Ideal for diverse applications, including single-family homes and multifamily buildings, their intercoms are durable and resistant. Some models offer elevator controls. Weather and tamper-resistant construction ensure durability, making Doorking intercoms suitable for outdoor installations in various environments.

Installation and Maintenance of Apartment Intercom Systems

Apartment intercom system installation – DIY or get the pro’s in?

Hiring a professional installation service is highly recommended to ensure proper setup and configuration of your apartment intercom system. After installation, thorough testing and commissioning are necessary to verify the system’s functionality. Regular maintenance and troubleshooting will be required to address any potential issues that may arise. If needed, explore upgrading and retrofitting options to ensure your entry system stays up to date.

Legal and Regulatory Considerations

When implementing an apartment intercom system, it’s important to comply with privacy laws and regulations. Ensure that the system adheres to data protection and security measures, safeguarding tenants’ personal information. Accessibility requirements should also be considered to cater to individuals with disabilities.

The Future is Now

The future of apartment intercom systems holds exciting possibilities. Here are a few emerging trends to keep in mind:

Integration with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning: AI-powered security systems can analyze visitor patterns, detect suspicious activity, and continuously learn to enhance security. AI algorithms can also enable features like facial recognition for enhanced access control.

Voice Recognition and Virtual Assistants: Voice-controlled intercom systems can simplify access control, allowing tenants to manage their intercoms through voice commands and interact with virtual assistants for a seamless experience.

Internet of Things (IoT) Integration: Intercom systems can integrate with IoT devices, enabling tenants to control access to various aspects of their apartment through a centralized interface. This integration can enhance convenience and automation.

Cloud-based Solutions and Remote Access: A cloud-based intercom system can provide remote access and property management software capabilities, ensuring tenants can control their intercoms from anywhere. Cloud storage enables easy access to access events and communication logs.

A Must-Have in Today’s World

Apartment intercom systems have come a long way since their humble beginnings. Investing in the right multi tenant intercom system not only enhances security but also improves communication and boosts tenant satisfaction.

By considering key features, legal considerations, and future trends, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your building’s needs. Embrace the evolving world of apartment intercom systems, and your tenants will appreciate the secure and convenient living environment you provide.

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