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Setting Up a Property Listing on TurboTenant: Video Extra

In this video, Eli Secor, one of the founders of Landlord Gurus, walks you through the process of setting up a property listing on TurboTenant.

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Hello everyone, this is Eli from Landlord Gurus. I am just about to set up a property in TurboTenant, which I haven’t done before. So I thought I would walk through it with you and we can learn together how it works. I’ve got a vacancy, so I’m gonna set up a property and a listing.

So I’ve gone straight to “properties” and then “add a property.” I’m gonna make up, a fictitious address, just so we don’t have any issues. I’ll come back and edit that later so I can set my listing live. We are in Seattle and we’re in an apartment. It is a studio with one bedroom. Square footage is 400. It’s a very old building, which I don’t think is a selling point, although it’s been very updated. 

So alright, we’ve got the basics in there and I’m gonna go ahead and set up a listing here so that we can get it out and advertised. It’s ready now and I’m showing it this weekend but I’m listing it as available as of May 1st. We are requiring a one-year lease, our rent is 1150 and then I’m charging the same amount in security deposit. 

This is a cool feature, actually, that I haven’t seen in any of the other products that I’ve looked at for free. I have seen it paid, but if you press this button here, it does an analysis of your pricing compared to local, you know, surrounding units. Since I didn’t give it the correct address, this is not a correct average. So, moving on to the next screen here. We’ve set some criteria: no smoking, do not allow any pets, and I’m not gonna set an occupancy limit. The local laws deal with that and I need to steer clear of that anyway. If I had a bunch of tenants in there, I would have to check it, but I believe it’s eight per bedroom. I think I’m a long way from running up against that.

We as the owners pay directly for water, sewer, and garbage, so that’s included. Then, amenities onsite: laundry, we are near parks, we have bicycle parking in this laundry room, and we put in some security cams and it’s got current wiring. It has a dishwasher, microwave, freezer, oven, and refrigerator. It’s all tile. This is a ground-floor, basement studio. It has a snow cooling system, which it really doesn’t need. And then there are wall heaters. 

To make it quick, I have set aside my copy here. This is the headline that I’ve used for all of my other listings for this unit. Here is the rest of the copy. You may notice that I listed it as family-run and that won’t be true for everyone. I have found that renters like the idea of independently-managed properties where they’re not dealing as much with a property manager as with an owner.

So if that’s your case, I would suggest promoting it. So here are our photos. I’m gonna drag and drop them up here.

Okay, that should just take a second. While it’s doing that, I am gonna move these around a little bit. This is my rental criteria, which the city of Seattle now requires that we post. That won’t be true for everyone, but they want tenants to be able to see what the criteria are. I’m gonna monkey with this later. I like to move them around. I know that’s possible, but how can I take our time doing that? Okay, and I have uploaded a video tour, which is something I’m just starting to do, onto YouTube. A nice feature of TurboTenant is that they allow you to link to that.

The different platforms offer all kinds of different approaches to video. Not all of them support it, but I think it’s gonna be a thing that’s gonna be prevalent coming up. I’m glad that it is enabled here. Here I’m gonna publish my listing and you could see that it was published.

We’re offered the premium here, which I’m gonna decline for now. I think it’ll take a little while. It says 24 to 48 hours for it to be fully published. Usually, it’s faster than that. Here is our listing. You can get our images and a nice, tidy layout on the details.

TurboTenant has an app as well, so that’s something that’s handy for both tenants and landlords. Just briefly, we’ll touch on this in the future, but the nice thing about TurboTenant and most of these platforms is that it allows you to accept once you have applicants. Then you go through and take a look at their screening results and their application and you can move them directly into a lease. They have lawyer-reviewed, state-specific lease agreements, which are incredibly important now. 

Then you can move them directly into electronic payments. So, no more collecting checks and depositing them. The tenants can set them up on auto pay and it’s just very slick. 

There you have it. I invite you to ask any questions, subscribe, comment, and come back and see the next one.

Thanks very much. Bye-bye.

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