October 18, 2021

Routine Rental Property Maintenance

Eli has recently published a three part series where we talk about developing a maintenance checklist for rental property. In the first, we focused on common plumbing problems. In the second, we addressed security, pest control, and exterior considerations. And in the latest installment, we discuss the critical areas of electrical, fire safety, and HVAC maintenance.

All of these systems pose risks to life and property, therefore we emphasize the importance of developing a routine maintenance plan so you can make sure they are functioning safely and efficiently.

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Rental Property Calculators for Landlords

Before jumping into real estate investing or making a new purchase, it is important to understand how to calculate metrics that will help you make the best decisions. Particularly for beginning real estate investors, rental property calculators can be extremely valuable. These calculators can also help analyze the health of your existing properties. Here is an overview of the top rental calculators you will use.

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