November 10, 2021

Updated: Best Online Advertising & Rent Collection Services for 2022

Advertising rentals online and collecting rent electronically are two of the most valuable features property management software has to offer. The industry is changing rapidly, and we have recently completed updates on our articles to help you choose the best rental advertising and online rent collection products to suit your needs.

Updated November 4th, 2021:

Best Free Online Ways To Advertise Property For Rent

 Any landlord knows that having rentals sit vacant will quickly turn the ink on their balance sheet from black to red. Reaching and attracting new prospective tenants is the first step in filling vacancies. Online property management software products can dramatically streamline the process of marketing empty units. As you’ll see in this and other articles we’ve written, we believe strongly that these products improve the ease and profitability of managing rental property. We take a look at leading software providers, many of whom offer free online ways to advertise property for rent.

The Best Online Rent Payment Service for Small Landlords

 Property management software can be a useful tool for small and independent landlords to effectively run their businesses. We have written overviews of several top software products that offer solutions for a variety of standard property management tasks from advertising and applications to tenant screening, lease signing and rent collection. Here we compare how each of them handle online rent payment from a landlord’s perspective and determine the best online rent payment service for small landlords.

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