January 11, 2021

The Best Tenant Screening Service for Small Landlords

Thank you for signing up to receive updates from the Landlord Gurus! Recently we have discussed some of the problems and consequences landlords face when they have not properly screened for the right tenants. We continue to emphasize the importance of proper tenant screening and some of the tools specifically designed for landlords and rental property owners to simplify the process.

Our goal – as always – is to share some of our own insight on these topics and provide enough information for landlords to make an informed decision based on their own properties and needs. Here’s a roundup of our latest content:

Bad Tenant Problems and How To Avoid Them:

Bad tenants are possibly the biggest nightmare any landlord can face. In this article, we take a look at some of the common tenant problems and their consequences. Plus, we also share time-tested steps and solutions to help you avoid bad tenants.

Top 5 Problems Landlords Face With Bad Tenants and 4 Steps to Avoid Them

The Tenant Selection Process:

While landlords can’t see into the future, they can utilize a specific routine that helps them narrow the pool of prospective tenants to help them choose the most ideal ones. Here are seven important components that can help you choose the right tenant for your rental.

The Tenant Selection Process: 7 Steps to Choosing the Right Tenant for Your Rental

The Best Tenant Screening Services:

Reviewing screening reports for each applicant is one of several important tools landlords and property managers have in deciding who to accept as tenants. In this December update with new scores and rankings, we evaluate online property management products to help landlords choose the best tenant screening service for their needs.

The Best Tenant Screening Service for Small Landlords

Rental Property Management Software

For many landlords the right property management software can help you efficiently run your small business. We have evaluated some of today’s top software products to uncover their key benefits. We will update this page as we continue to explore the use of technology in the property management industry:

Property Management Software Overview

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