December 18, 2020 Acquires Avail.  Plus Our ScreenRenter Software Review

We’ve reviewed another new software product this week: ScreenRenters free tenant screening service for landlords.  Plus we’ve got some breaking industry news!

Breaking: acquires Avail

Avail Property Management Software is one of our partner products, and one of our favorite free online tools for landlords.  Their acquisition by promises to see Avail’s features and presence in the competitive “proptech” field grow. We’ll get more in-depth soon on what this development might mean for you.  For Now: Read More Here.

ScreenRenters Overview: Free Tenant Screening For Landlords

In this time of increasingly strict landlord-tenant laws, where it is difficult to remove a problematic tenant, carefully vetting rental applicants is more important than ever. Screenrenters tenant screening for landlords delivers thorough background, criminal, and credit reports on prospective tenants, helping them make more informed decisions on who to rent to. Learn More About ScreenRenters

Fast & Easy Tenant Screening For Landlords

ScreenRenters is by landlords, for landlords. There are no subscription fees, no limits on the number of units, and its free for all landlords. It takes less than 3 minutes to sign up, add a rental property, and invite an applicant to apply. When you have someone who’d like to apply simply send them a direct link through the system – all you need is their first name, last name and email to do so. That is it!

Once the applicant completes the application and background check process, you will receive an email asking you to check your dashboard. There you will see all data for the prospective renter. You’ll get a rental application with all vital tenant information. In addition, the renter will have gone through and paid for a premium background check powered by TransUnion ™.

ScreenRenters Reports Are Free For Landlords

Signing up for ScreenRenters is entirely free for landlords. The applicant pays $30 for the online application, background check, and full credit report, which is powered by TransUnion ™. This eliminates the need to collect an application or screening fee. ScreenRenters is very affordable, given that most competitors charge $40-50 for similar reports.

Tenants’ sensitive personal information is in the cloud instead of physically stored in your office, so there’s no need for secured cabinets or a site inspection before running reports.

ScreenRenters Tenant Screening For Landlords Includes:

  • TransUnion Credit Score
  • Detailed TransUnion Credit Report
  • Criminal Nationwide
  • Nationwide Eviction Records
  • Nationwide Sex Offender Search Results
  • Identity Verification
  • Terrorist OFAC List Search
  • SSN Fraud Search

Using ScreenRenters Reports As A Rental Owner or Manager

ScreenRenters tenant screening for landlords delivers valuable information regarding prospective tenant. In addition to detailed background and credit reports, landlords can request document uploads as part of the online application. Paystubs, w-2’s, and copies of drivers licenses are examples.

ScreenRenters also provides a ResidentScore, which is explicitly engineered for rental screening. This report provides a more accurate assessment of risk for your future rental property income than a typical credit score. Data provided to the ScreenRenters reporting is designed to help you make better tenant selection decisions. Informed decisions are not necessarily perfect, but they minimize potential evictions and help you sleep well at night.

Our Takeaway:

ScreenRenters tenant screening for landlords is a simple and free tool. We’ve written about many (most!) property management products, and there are many to choose from. If you’re focused-on finding an easy way to get background and credit reports on potential renters, this is exactly what ScreenRenters does.

Rental Property Management Software

For many landlords the right rental property management software can help run their small business.  We have evaluated some of today’s top software products to uncover their key benefits.  We will update this page as we continue to explore the use of technology in the property management industry.

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