April 30, 2020

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Using Technology to Manage Your Rentals

Rent payments are increasingly going paperless and being paid online. Younger generations of renters are less reliant on paper checks or cash, and many don’t have checking accounts. Payments in all aspects of their lives – whether it is paying for food, groceries, transportation or entertainment – are being done digitally. Paying rent is no exception. In fact, today’s renters expect to be able to pay rent digitally, either online or on their phones.   How are you collecting rent? Chances are you are receiving a combination of checks and online payments. Hopefully not cash, though it is not entirely uncommon. The online rent payment landscape is kind of like the wild west. You might be using Paypal, Venmo, direct bank transfers, or an online rent collection service. There are pros and cons of each, some of which we have described previously: Collect rent online: 8 tips to choosing the best service  

We compared several of the top rental property management software products and announce our winners for the Best Online Rent Payment Services for 2020. We have winners for Best Overall, Lowest Cost to Landlords, and Best for Large Portfolios. We think one of them may be a perfect fit for you. The Best Online Rent Payment Service for Small Landlords

Similarly, we took an in-depth look at online property management products to help landlords choose the best tenant screening service for their needs. Click here to learn more, view sample reports, and see how the contenders stack up: The Best Tenant Screening Service for Small Landlords

You may be thinking about about converting some of your rental property management to new property technology for tasks such as rent collection or tenant screening. The current work-from-home orders make it a perfect time to get started: Manage Rental Properties While Social Distancing

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