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How Do You Find Reliable Handymen and Contractors? – Video Extra

In this video, Eli talks about the best ways to find reliable handymen and contractors in your area.

This information is an excerpt from the Landlord Gurus Ask Us Anything Free Webinar.


Okay. Rob from Georgia asks, “How do you find reliable handymen and contractors to help with the turnover of your unit and general maintenance?” This is one of the two pain points that Chris and I identified, long before we started Landlord Gurus, and it’s managing maintenance and finding good tenants.

So, this is not easy. In practice, we feel like the best way to do it is to ask people in your community. I’ll keep an eye on neighborhood groups, like there’s a mom’s and dad’s group from my neighborhood. 

People are always asking for referrals and I always take it with a grain of salt when I don’t already know the person who is recommending the resource, the handy person in this case. But it’s better than straight out of the yellow pages, if there was such a thing.

Even, Nextdoor can be a resource for that. People in your neighborhood are using these resources. And generally, nobody’s going to chime in with recommendations if they didn’t like the person. Facebook groups actually can also be a resource sometimes.

And, we’re big believers in rental housing associations who will advocate for landlords and supply resources for landlords. They often have vendor lists or resource books, so that’s a place that I’ve gone as well. I’ve found good cleaners and that type of thing there. Unfortunately, you gotta beat the payment a little bit for that.  

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