September 30, 2020

LLC or no LLC: Deciding what’s right for your property

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We believe investing in rental property is a great way to build wealth and independence. With those opportunities there are risks, such as injury and property damage liability. Landlords have a number of business structures to choose from in mitigating these risks, and also separating their business debt from personal finances. Many small to medium-sized business owners choose an LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) because it is the simplest way to give them the protection they need. We’ve addressed the advantages and drawbacks of holding properties in LLC’s so you can determine what’s right for your portfolio.

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TenantCloud vs Cozy Tenant Screening Comparison

We continue our exploration of software tools and how they help streamline the tasks involved in being a landlord. In the last few months we’ve done in-depth reviews of many of the prominent products on the market. More recently we’ve been comparing these offerings. This week we’re featuring our comparison of TenantCloud vs Cozy, and we’ll continue to publish comparisons of other products in the weeks to come. Read below for our head-to-head analysis, as well as reviews for each software tool.

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Rental Property Management Software: TenantCloud

TenantCloud boast tools to help landlords advertise vacancies, collect rent, track income vs expenses, and everything in between. Most features are available to landlords for free, with additional perks available for very reasonable pricing. Our in-depth profile article explores each of TenantCloud’s features.

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Cozy Rent Payment and Property Management Services

If you need some help managing your rental units but aren’t ready to hire a property manager or shell out a lot of money on software, Cozy may be an attractive property management software product. Most features are free for landlords as well as tenants, with fees only on specific services that are charged on a per-use basis. Cozy rent payment, for example, has become popular and for $2.99 per unit landlords can expedite processing time so that rent arrives in their bank accounts quickly.

Note that Cozy is merging with It will be adding features soon, such as lower-cost screening reports, faster electronic rent payments, location-specific leases, and expense tracking. This will be a slow transition, with accounts automatically transitioning from Cozy to by mid-2021.

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Video Extras

Chris and Eli from Landlord Gurus talk about Chris’ experience using Avail software to list a recent vacancy.

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