November 21, 2019

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Thank you for signing up to receive updates from the Landlord Gurus! Last week was quite an interesting one for Seattle-area landlords that may even have ramifications across the state and country.

First Come, First Served:

Last Thursday November 14, the Washington State Supreme Court upheld a Seattle law that requires landlords to accept the first qualified rental applicant. The 2016 First in Time (FIT) law was put on hold a year ago by a King County superior court, but this ruling delivers a win for Seattle’s lawmakers and tenant advocates as a means to eliminate landlord bias against protected groups. Read more and participate in the discussion here: Seattle’s First In Time Rental Law Found Constitutional

Rental Criteria Checklist:

In light of this ruling, the law requires that landlords create and post their rental criteria that they will use to screen prospective tenants. Not only is this now the law, it is also good practice. An effective rental criteria checklist provides fairness and objectivity, standard guidelines, and freedom from possible discrimination accusations. We have created a sample checklist and provide more information here: Rental Criteria Checklist for Screening Prospective Tenants


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