August 30, 2021

Real Estate Investing Calculators

Before jumping into real estate investing or making a new purchase, it is important to understand how to calculate metrics that will help you make the best decisions. Particularly for beginning real estate investors, rental property calculators can be extremely valuable. These calculators can also help analyze the health of your existing properties. Here is an overview of the top rental calculators you will use:

Rental Property Calculators for Landlords: An Overview

You can also jump straight to each of the calculators for detailed explanations and examples:

  1. Net Operating Income: NOI Calculator
  2. Capitalization Rate: Cap Rate Calculators
  3. Gross Rent Multiplier (GRM) Calculator
  4. Cash-On-Cash (CoC) Return Calculator
  5. Debt Service Coverage Ratio: DSCR Calculator
  6. Operating Expense Ratio Calculator
  7. Return on Investment: ROI Calculator for Rental Property

Property Management Fees Calculator

If you are an independent landlord like us, you have probably considered hiring a property manager for your rentals. How much in property management fees should you expect to pay? Rates vary from location to location, and you may have received different information from some property managers. To estimate your expected property management fees, simply enter a few details into our property management fees calculator.

How To Advertise Property For Rent: Landlord Gurus Ultimate Guide

Our newest landlord guide is available for download! Learn about ways to advertise property for rent, how to create your rental listing, and where to post your vacancy ads. If you have wondered whether you should list a rental on Zillow or what your alternatives are, check out our free guide!

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